The topic AI is also becoming more and more important in Hamburg and the metropolitan region.

There are distributed activities in the field of AI across many industries and subject areas.

For a targeted promotion and sustainable use of the potential in the field of AI, a cross-sector and cross-topic bundling of know-how is decisive. This is to be achieved through the Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg eV (ARIC) in order to promote the future topic of AI in a structured and targeted manner in the metropolitan region and to serve as a link between application-oriented research and practice-oriented application in the field of artificial intelligence.
In order to create this central cross-sector contact point for AI, experts from business, science and society have come together in the ARIC. The ARIC was founded in September 2019. The ARIC is institutionalized as a registered association and aims to establish an interdisciplinary, application-oriented know-how center for AI in the Hamburg metropolitan region.

In order to have all facets of AI activities and developments on board right from the start, important AI stakeholders from science and society as well as different economic sectors and company sizes are represented in Hamburg, who share their know-how and various fields of action in the field of AI bring in.

The Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg eV (ARIC)


Cross-topic and cross-sector contact for all questions in the field of AI & bundles the distributed AI know-how in business and science in the metropolitan region, thereby simplifying access to future technology


and supports the application and adaptation of AI methods in different formats and projects


Companies in the process of implementing their own applications in the field of AI and thus finding an introduction to the topic & creating a platform for a local and international AI network


Cooperation at the location and in the national and international AI ecosystem & combines AI know-how and AI activities from business, science and society


AI training formats for employee development and is committed to attracting skilled workers in the Hamburg metropolitan region

The ARIC Hamburg
stands for

  • the cross-industry promotion of the acquisition of skills, application-oriented research, further training, the dissemination and application of technologies, methods and research results in the field of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Strengthening the innovative strength and international competitiveness of North German actors from business, science and society in the field of AI and related technologies through practice-oriented further education, teaching and knowledge and technology transfer

The ARIC Hamburg
contributes to this

  • to further develop and advance the topic of AI in the Hamburg metropolitan region
  • to establish a knowledge transfer between business, science and society
  • a comprehensive AI network and establish an ecosystem in the metropolitan area
  • Make AI projects a success
  • To give impulses for new AI activities and AI trends
  • to enable application-oriented research and practical application
  • Gaining, retaining and developing AI specialists and AI know-how at the location

The founding members of the ARIC Hamburg .