Podcast from ARIC-Ambassador Tobi Schlottke (OMR) with Prof. Sebastian Thrun // Google X

Thanks to ARIC Ambassador Tobi Schlottke from Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) and alphalist.CTO for featuring ARIC in his great podcast with Prof. Sebastian Thrun at (1:20:00).


#05 with Sebastian Thrun // Google X

About the car nation Germany, AI and software world, Stanford vs. TU-Munich and Udacity.

Tobi: I am thrilled to announce this weeks podcast guest: Prof. Sebastian Thrun
Brief overview: He is a Stanford professor, founder of Google X, built the first self driving car, won the Darpa-Award for it, started the online-academy Udacity and is now building autonomous planes at Kitty Hawk. Wow.

Can you tell why I highly admire him and how excited I was when I won him for my podcast?

We talked about the car nation in Germany, how competitive we are in the AI and software world, Stanford vs. TU-Munich, why Sebastian is striving for a brain-computer interface, why he has built the leading online university Udacity and how to tackle machine learning as a modern CTO.
He also explains why he eventually comes up with a Bluetooth-connected Smart-Bra next.


Highly recommend podcast. Listen to the podcast here: https://alphalist.podigee.io/5-05-with-sebastian-thrun-google-x