05.08.2020 Workshop: Artificial Intelligence for Non-Data Scientiest

Dr. Gunter Fischer, CEO and co-founder of Brainalyzed

Everyone wants to build products or models that have at least a hint of AI in them. It is understandable because this new technology has created enough hype that it has now become a competitive differentiator for companies across all industries. What most of us fail to understand is that this hype has much to do with a lack of clear understanding of AI. One such common misconception revolves around hiring data scientists.

In 2018, 18 percent of companies employed 11 or more data scientists (https://info.algorithmia.com/hubfs/2019/Whitepapers/The-State-of-Enterprise-ML-2020/Algorithmia_2020_State_of_Enterprise_ML.pdf?hsLang=en-us). This year, however, that number soared to 39 percent. The demand for data scientists in on the rise because businesses of all sizes want to get on the bandwagon of AI. The truth is you don’t necessarily require a data scientist to implement AI.

The goal of my workshop is to show you how you can create AI models or implement AI in your business processes without the need for a data scientist with the help of a few easy to understand use cases.

Dr. Gunter Fischer is the CEO and co-founder of Brainalyzed, the company that created Brainalyzed Insight, the world’s first artificial swarm intelligence platform. Prior to Brainalyzed, Gunter was an Expert Engineer for machine learning at Nordex Group that offers multi-megawatt wind turbines across the globe. He has 13 patents to his name. Gunter holds an engineering doctorate in technical optimization from Cranfield University, Bedfordshire.

The workshop is free of charge and will take place at ARIC, Dockland 5. Floor, Van-der-Smissen Strasse 9, 22767 Hamburg on 5th August 2020 at 3 pm and will take 180 minutes. If it is not possible to hold the workshop offline we will switch to online.

The workshop will be held in English or German (depends on the participants).