Visit of Dr. Ulrich Mans Quantum Delta NL

hqic | Visit of Dr. Ulrich Mans Quantum Delta NL

Einblick in die Aktivitäten der Hamburg Quantum Innovation Capital.

Last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Ulrich Mans from Quantum Delta NL in Hamburg. This visit marks a significant step in deepening our collaboration in the field of quantum technologies. The focus was on the exchange and further development of partnerships essential for transforming Europe’s research excellence into economic success. Collaborating with leading countries like the Netherlands strengthens the synergies within Europe and contributes to positioning the Hamburg metropolitan region as a Quantum Port.

The discussions revolved around three central themes: operator concepts for the House of Quantum, the training and further education of technicians and experts, and the development of a quantum strategy for Europe’s port metropolises. These conversations emphasized the importance of considering quantum technologies in the European context, the significance of accessible locations for startups and companies, and the necessity of strengthening the transfer of science to the economy.

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