AI Hackathon for school pupils

For pupils: Introduction and first team hackathon in Artificial Intelligence.

About this event

We want to make you fit for the AI future. In this cool online event, you get a professional introduction to artificial intelligence and can pass a first challenge in teams of 3 over a period of about two weeks (see below for organisation). Topics included speech recognition, image recognition and clustering techniques. You can register alone or “bring” a team (please specify when registering).

Dieses Event ist eine Kooperationsveranstaltung des ARIC (Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg´) und dem Hammerbrooklyn Youth Innovation Center.

If you would like to familiarise yourself a little in advance, you can find basic tutorials here:


Basic Tutorials directly from ARIC:


About the organisation

Participants work in a maximum of 6 groups, each consisting of 3 pupils.


1. Kick off (online) Friday 10.09.2021, 18-20 o clock

  • Impulse lecture on the topic of AI
  • Division of the groups and assignment to the topics (indicate who wants to code and who does not when registering)
  • Introduction to Python data sets etc.

2nd research and work phase of the groups, organised independently in the groups (ARIC supports if required).

3. interim status of the groups (“lessons learned”, exchange); support for the approach. 17.9.2021, 18-20 o clock

4. final work on the projects within the group, organised independently in the groups (ARIC supports selectively)

5. project completion and presentation. 24.9.2021 18-20 o clock