19.11.2020 – 12min.ai – Leaping towards Singularity: Topic Sustainability and AI

On 19.11.2020 the third event will be held by ARIC in cooperation with www.12min.me. In the 12min.ai format, each speaker has exactly 12 minutes to get to the heart of their message. Immediately following each presentation, the audience will have 12 minutes to ask questions and engage in lively discussion. In three exciting and concise 12-minute presentations on the topic of AI and sustainability, a variety of impulses will be given for the subsequent discussion rounds.

The three speakers managed to bring light into the darkness of the buzzword AI with facts and clarity and to show which thoughts pioneers and implementers are actually thinking about the topic.

On Thursday the 19.11.20 there are again very good lectures (3x12min + QA) around Artificial Intelligence & the possible influences on sustainability.

Guest Speaker:

Guest speakers:

1st speaker: Theresa Tran, Data Scientist at Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Why not blindly trust artificial intelligence?

This talk is about Explainable AI. This term refers to approaches that make decisions made by AI systems comprehensible to everyone. The motivation for Explainable AI will be discussed, and we will see how Explainable AI can be used in practice.

Theresa Tran is a Data Scientist at Lufthansa Industry Solutions, a service provider for IT consulting and systems integration. She is fascinated by how the intelligent evaluation of initially confusing, large amounts of data can make work processes more efficient and our lives easier. She learned firsthand that the best machine learning model is meaningless if the end user doesn’t trust it. Theresa believes that trust comes through understanding. In her master thesis she investigated different approaches to make machine learning models more interpretable. For her work in the field of Explainable AI, she received the Women’s STEM Award from Deutsche Telekom. She also received an award from the German Informatics Society as a 2019 AI Newcomer.

2nd speaker: Lucas Spreiter, founder of the Munich-based artificial intelligence agency Unetiq

Artificial Intelligence and Climate – From Hype to Help

Lucas Spreiter is the founder of the Munich-based artificial intelligence agency Unetiq and helps other companies successfully apply AI. As head of the working group “Climate Change” in the KI Bundesverband, he is concerned with the influence and possibilities of AI in the field of sustainability, as well as in the economy and society.

3rd Speaker: Christo Zonnev is Co-Founder of TechLabs Hamburg – a non-profit organization in the field of digital education.

TechLabs – Data Science & AI Education.
For a Better World Full of Digital Shapers.

Christo is Co-Founder of TechLabs Hamburg – a non-profit organization in the field of digital education.
The aim is to help young people access and learn how to use digital skills such as Data Science and AI.

After studying computer science, Christo worked in various roles for digital agencies and companies. Currently, as VP Data Science at Capgemini Invent, he leads the “AI Garage” – a team of Data Scientists who develop data-driven products and services.


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The event will take place online on 19.11.2020 from 19:00to 9:00 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you ?

The event 12min.ai – Leaping towards Singularity takes place regularly in cooperation with 12min.me.

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