March 23, 2021 ARIC Workshop: SustAIn Ability – AI and Sustainability

How and where artificial intelligence ensures sustainability

The extensive and constantly growing database of the JuS.TECH Institute with projects and concrete use cases provides an overview of where and how AI is being used for more sustainability in all three dimensions worldwide. The dimensions are ecological, economic and social sustainability. AI applications open up entirely new opportunities to improve and optimize not just one dimension of sustainability, but several of them at once. The keynote will show with theoretical background and very practical examples how this works and how companies should proceed.

In addition to the best cases from the database, further own projects of the JuS.TECH Institute for Data Science/KI & Sustainability are continuously added. This will provide new insights and practical experience that will be of real benefit to anyone looking for concrete ways to use AI in their business, while at the same time positioning themselves to be more sustainable. Digitization/AI and sustainability are two mega topics that have so far rarely been thought of and done together. That must and will change. The JuS.TECH Institute shows how.

Andreas Moring is Professor for Digital Economy, Innovation and AI in Hamburg. He is founder and director of the JuS.TECH Institute for Data Science/KI and Sustainability. Andreas Moring is Ambassador for Human-AI Cooperation at the Artificial Intelligence Center ARIC in Hamburg. He is a scientific advisor of the Institute for Management and Economics IMWF, topic expert at the platform Learning Systems and co-founder of the AI initiative WeGoFive. Moring is a sought-after speaker and workshop leader at conferences, summits and in companies and, as a management consultant and scientific advisor, supports companies in various industries in building data-driven, high-growth digital businesses.

In 2020, he founded JuS.TECH AG together with partners from the AI industry. His research and publications focus on artificial intelligence and sustainability, human-AI interactions, and business model transformation and innovation.

The workshop is free and will be held online on 3/23/2021 at 4pm.

You can register at the Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (ARIC) e.V. under the e-mail

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