FLOWIT becomes first member of ARIC in Estonia

After opening the first international ARIC satellite office in Tallinn, Estonia last year, we are very proud to announce that Flowit Estonia became a member of ARIC. This is another milestone for ARIC in expending its international focus towards Estonia.

We met Juhan from Flowit at our „International Talks on AI – Government and Society – Towards an Estonian German Partnership on AI” last year and kept in touch and had several meetings in both countries.  Several projects have evolved from the connection and we are planning two events to connects both countries even further this year.

Flowit Estonia is a software development company, that has integrated AI solutions into their solutions for various customers. Flowit has the capability to provide the whole project from analysis to maintenance. Flowit partner Juhan Pukk is one of the two ambassadors of ARIC in Estonia and president of Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications.