ARIC launches new event format with the Journal Club

ARIC, the Hamburg Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI), has launched the Journal Club, a new event format designed to promote understanding and exchange of results from current AI research.

Every month, the ARIC Journal Club presents and discusses a paper on AI basic or application research.

The ARIC Journal Club was initiated by Lufthansa Industry Solutions (Dr. Leonard Rothacker, Dr. Lars Schwabe). It will be led by Technology Consultant Dr. Leonard Rothacker, who kicked off the series on March 18 with a panel discussion on the paper “MixMatch: A Holistic Approach to Semi-Supervised Learning.”

Other important AI research papers are to be jointly prepared in loose succession in the coming months. The basic idea is to penetrate research and development contributions in detail and thus to achieve and disseminate a basis for the deeper scientific understanding of AI. The exchange of research, development and teaching is to be intensified and a community for sharing AI knowledge is to be established and promoted.

The topics of the ARIC Journal Club cover all areas of AI: e.g. NLP, Computer Vision or Forecasting. Participation in the Journal Club is open to all interested parties. Active participation is particularly encouraged, ideally with the presentation of a self-selected paper, which will then be discussed in a live open session.

By building up a backlog, a knowledge base of crucial papers is maintained, which should support beginners as well as professionals in studying and training in the field of AI in the long run.

Those interested in being guests or speakers can contact Steven Dehlan at ARIC( or Leonard Rothacker