ARIC project: Development of a portable AI demonstrator

The ARIC carries out a student project work together with the founding member of the NORDAKADEMIE. We are pleased that a team of students from the NORDAKADEMIE has come together to carry out the project over the next three months.

The ARIC offers access to AI technologies at different levels. The complex processes involved in these technologies are often difficult to understand for laypeople. In order to reduce prejudices and fears in those who are interested, it would be useful to “look under the hood”. For this purpose, demonstrators are available that illustrate the operating principles of the AI algorithms in an easily understandable way. The demonstrator of the project should cover two aspects.

1. Enable those interested to play with an AI. A simple use case is chosen for this. This use case should invite you to try it out. For example, the recognition of faces or the prediction of a temperature curve. It is important that those interested can see immediate feedback from the “AI system”.

2. The real-time visualization of processes within an AI. For example, the ongoing graphic display of a neural network or the interactive display of a decision tree.

A prerequisite is that the demonstrator is mobile and that it should fit in a “suitcase”. An interesting application is also an “AI demonstrator” with a connection to IoT (Internet of Things). Small wireless sensors can be used for this, which can be easily connected to the IoT services from Microsoft Azur, for example. For example, a forecast of a temperature profile is relatively easy to implement.

The focus should be on ease of explanation (explain) and visual representation. Interested parties should be able to acquire a basic understanding of an AI process without having to resort to other aids.