ARIC-AI Year in Review: International (R&D) Highlights of the Year 2020

The year 2020 was overshadowed by the Corona crisis. Behind the virus-fighting measures that are transforming our lives, however, research and development in artificial intelligence continue to run at full speed internationally. This short essay aims to provide insights and an overview of some of the important and defining AI developments in 2020. Although some particular individual projects will be highlighted, the aim is to look back at the broad lines that ran through the AI world of 2020 and attracted attention. We will continue to pursue many of the topics in 2021, take them up in ARIC and use them as an impulse for something new.

Our ARIC Ambassador Werner Bogula has summarized the insights for you in an AI year in review.

You can download the annual review here:

AI2020 Year in Review-ARIC