Interview of the Church of Hamburg with ARIC CEO Alois Krtil: Chances and dangers of Artificial Intelligence

The churches are also dealing more and more with artificial intelligence. In church circles in particular, the development of artificial intelligence is often viewed very critically. For example, there were critical voices at the “digital service” in St. Nikolai last year. in the interview ARIC CEO Alois Krtil speaks to Kirche-Hamburg about the opportunities and dangers of artificial intelligence. He himself thinks little of the horror scenarios circulating and sees the use of algorithms and robots above all to make work easier and help people. “When diseases spread – as is currently the case with the coronavirus – AI works with people to evaluate the large amount of data and give early warning,” he says.

Similar to electricity, the use of AI would benefit everyone in society. Machines are still a long way from mastering human skills such as empathy and awareness. Krtil would like to offer an open discussion platform: “There are many myths around AI, so we would like to clarify and contribute to a better understanding.” On the other hand, he takes a far more critical view of the dominant position of some IT groups that use AI across their platforms and how they handle our personal user data. You can find the full one here interview with Alois Krtil.