Subject-specific specialist groups in the ARIC have started

The topic of artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in science, business and society in many industries and areas of the Hamburg metropolitan region.

In order to take account of these different fields of application and areas that already have or will have an overlap with AI, the ARIC offers subject and area-specific specialist groups.

To this end, experts from science, business and society come together to exchange ideas and provide new impulses with their interdisciplinary expertise. The forum enables interested parties from the respective application domains to come together with like-minded people and to exchange ideas about technical content and developments, but also to share experiences and benchmarks with the other participants. Most of the specialist groups organize themselves in coordination with the ARIC project managers.

We got off to a very successful start with three specialist groups on the topics of “AI in Industry and Logistics”, “AI & Health” and the exciting specialist group “AI & Smart City” with a view to the upcoming ITS World Congress 2021.

In all three specialist groups, the first personal and content-related links between the participants have already been established.

From all the working groups that were started, there was a desire for real use cases, i.e. real application-oriented scenarios, as well as the joint (also bilateral) generation and planning of use cases. In addition, information on current funding programs and open calls is provided. The specialist groups are also used to plan joint activities and, for example, to bundle topic-specific opinions and present themselves as one.

Further specialist groups on the topics of “Change Management” and “Compliance / Law” as well as the central topic of societal considerations “Ethics and Society” are currently in the planning stage.

If you have any questions or need information about the specialist groups, please contact us via the info mail: