Veranstaltungsflyer für den Workshop Battery Mananagement Systems & AI Solutions for SOC/SOH Values mit einem Foto von Olga Lysak sowie den Eckdaten des Workshops, der am 26. Oktober stattfindet

ARIC Insights II: Battery Management Systems & AI Solutions for SOC/SOH Values

A workshop with Dr. Volodymyr Andrushchak and Olga Lysak
Wednesday, October 26th 2022, 12 pm, online via Teams

The number of devices we use every day is constantly increasing. Smart watches, personal medical devices, electric vehicles, all this has become an element of our everyday life. All these devices require portable power, and the actual batteries and battery management system (BMS) that control them. Algorithms such as state of charge and state of health, which work on the BMS, make it possible to ensure the necessary functionality of the device and warn that the battery will fail in some time. Since these algorithms are evaluative, their accuracy will more or less influence the final advantages of the product in relation to competitors.

Dr. Volodymyr Andrushchak and Olga Lysak from Lemberg Solutions will talk about battery management systems and present AI solutions for determining SoC/SoH values with practical implementation.

Aufnahme von Olga Lysak





Olga Lysak, Head of AI Business Development at Lemberg Solutions, enthusiastic AI and IoT ambassador who shares her knowledge and experience both in her Hamburg network and beyond, and regularly educates herself in the field through work projects, but also privately.



Aufnahme von Dr. Volodymyr Andrushchak




Dr. Volodymyr Andrushchak is a data science engineer at Lemberg Solutions. He mainly works with algorithms for embedded systems, especially for the BMS, and is involved into all stages: data collection, data analysis, model selection, model evaluation, testing and integration into the final product (MCU).




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Der Workshop ist ein Teil unserer Workshopreihe ARIC Insights, die wir im Herbst 2022 veranstalten. Weitere Workshops sind KI und menschliche Intuition sowie Rahmenbedingungen für KI-Vorhaben. Eine Übersicht über die Workshopreihe findet ihr hier.