June 28, 2021 ARIC Workshop: How to Protect Your Digital Business Models and Use Cases

IP (Intellectual Property) is increasingly used to protect digital business relevant solutions such as business models, use cases along customer and user journeys. At the European Patent Office, patent applications for digital patents have increased by 1,400% since 2000 and now account for over 1/3 of the total application volume.

European Patent Office | Patents and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In this workshop you will learn how important it is to actively establish patentability as well as freedom to operate for digital solutions from the beginning of the development process, taking advantage of the degrees of freedom that are available, and not to retroactively check them at the end of the creative process.

Digital managers receive an overview of how to design digital objects (apps, cyber-physical systems, business models, etc.), in particular use cases along customer and user journeys, in such a way that they are protectable and may also be executed largely free of third-party rights.

This allows the most important use cases and business models in business eco-systems to be made exclusive at an early stage, and prevents competitors from preventing their own digitization approaches through patents.

Prof. Dr. Alexander J. Wurzer has developed a DIN77006-compliant process for drafting invention disclosures for digital inventions at CEIPI, the training centre for European patent attorneys at the University of Strasbourg, with different industry sectors. He is training with the Academy of the European Patent Office and the IPR Helpdesk of the European Commission.

The workshop is free and will be held online on June 28,2021 from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.

You can register at the e-mail address info@aric-hamburg.de . A registration link will then be sent prior to the event.