DESY and ARIC sign a cooperation agreement

The German Electron Synchrotron DESY and the Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg eV (ARIC) have been officially cooperating since May 2020. The ARIC, founded in Hamburg in September 2019, has set itself the task of advancing the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Hamburg metropolitan region. The focus of the cooperation is to inform each other about the latest developments in the field of AI and to support the transfer of this knowledge to third parties.

DESY and ARIC want to jointly initiate new projects in which partners from basic research and industry work together. In this context, experts are to be jointly identified as further potential partners. At the same time, we should work together to raise regional, national or international funding.

Machine learning as well as the use of artificial intelligence is an indispensable tool in many areas of physics in order to gain new knowledge – for example to identify special events in detectors or to evaluate measurements on free-electron lasers and on the synchrotron. DESY has plenty of expertise to offer in these two fields, so that there should be a lot of points of contact here.

We look forward to an exciting collaboration!