01.10.2020: AI-generated music – lecture with sound examples and discussion by Werner Bogula

Increasingly, AI is being used to generate music, literature, and art under the buzzword Generative AI. The lecture deals with the possibilities of automatic generation of music pieces using the example of lute music from the Renaissance. After a short presentation of the lute and its music, the lecture will deal with the following topics:

– Principle operation of AI methods for music generation

– Use of prefabricated models and training of own models

– Presentation of the results of own models with audio examples

– Practical applications, effects and outlook

– Critical examination and discussion of the automatic generation of music

The idea of the lecture is to build a bridge between the cultural techniques of the Renaissance and the most modern technologies of our time. In addition to information about the technology, the lecture is intended to provide stimuli for thinking about basic cultural concepts such as work, author and creativity.

No mathematical knowledge is required for the lecture

Duration: approx. 90 minutes (lecture approx. 60 minutes plus 20-30 minutes for a discussion afterwards).

Talk/Moderation: ARIC Ambassador Werner Bogula is a BigData and AI developer as well as a passionate amateur lutenist. As a digital enabler, he investigates the practical impact of digital technology on culture and society.

Workshop level: Beginner

The workshop is free of charge and will take place on 01.10.2020 in the time from 19.00 to 20.30 at the Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg(ARIC) e.V. Dockland, 5th floor, Van-der-Smissen Strasse 9, 22767 Hamburg. You can register at the e-mail address info@aric-hamburg.de. If the current situation does not allow us to hold the workshop at Dockland, it may be held online or postponed.

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