Happy 100th Birthday ARIC Brown Bag – ARIC celebrates the 100th Brown Bag Session

Born out of the idea to sweeten the then still fresh lockdown and the uncertain coming time a bit and make it more meaningful, we started our first ARIC Remote Brown Bag Session by Dr. Alexander Motzek (Data Scientist at Lufthansa Industry Solutions) with the topic “AI at Lufthansa” a good year ago on March 19, 2020. This was followed by many top-class presentations from business, science and society on a wide variety of perspectives on the topic of AI as well as related disciplines. Right from the start, we kept up the pace with two brown bag lectures per week and can now look back on 100 exciting brown bag lectures and speakers one year after the initiation of this format. From the social focus of Artificial Intelligence to the technological AI Deep Dive, the spectrum was spanned and thus offered the right thing for everyone.

Today we celebrate the hundredth brown bag anniversary with the presentation “SMALL data forecasting with AI – a case study at Janssen” by Prof. Sven Crone (iQast). At this point we would like to thank especially the initiator of the Brown Bag, Dr. Lars Schwabe, for the great idea to refresh the otherwise monotonous Lockdown and Corona time with AI.

We would like to say a very special thank you to Steven for the professional organization and moderation and of course to all the speakers who illuminated the topic of artificial intelligence from numerous perspectives with their informative talks and offered us exciting insights into the world of AI and convergent technologies… The ARIC lives from people like you who have something to contribute and are willing to do so.

….and of course a big thank you to all of you for making the Brown Bag a regular part of your week and helping us build the community.