ARIC KI startups list of the Hamburg metropolitan region

Often cities and regions across Germany are compared based on the number of innovative startups and rankings are determined from them. However, depending on how deep and detailed the research is, the overall picture is often distorted. We therefore delved deeper into the metropolitan region’s AI startup scene. It turned out that it is not that easy to identify all AI startups.

Our research associate Johannes has therefore systematically scoured the commercial register in the last five months, searched social media databases, and analyzed startup databases such as Crunchbase etc. and brand databases.

Each startup was checked by him by hand. In this way we were able to ensure that we only accept real startups from the relevant technology areas with an AI topic. The list will be updated continuously from now on. Wir haben derzeit 107 KI-Startups aus der Metropolregion in der Liste identifizieren können. In a Germany-wide comparison, we found that our AI startups from the Hamburg metropolitan region are underrepresented in most startup listings, which is probably due to various points. We have chosen a broad approach and not only included startups with their own artificial intelligence-based product or business model, but also consulting firms and companies that use AI and machine learning methods in their products and services.

If you are an AI startup from the metropolitan region, but you cannot find yourself on the list yet, please send us an email .

If you are interested in the complete startup list, please write to us an email.