ARIC opens first international satellite office in Tallinn, Estonia

The Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (ARIC) e.V. has been cooperating with digital pioneer Estonia since last year and is pleased to open its first international satellite office in Tallinn. Estonia is a world leader in the adaptation of AI in e-government.

Due to Corona, the opening ceremony of the satellite office announced at the “International Talks on AI” in Hamburg on February 04, 2020 and scheduled for May 28, 2020 could not take place on site in Tallinn. We are all the more pleased that the borders will be opened again from mid-June and that personal exchange in joint AI projects will be possible.

Riina Leminsky from Enterprise Estonia is also excited about this milestone: “The cooperation agreement serves as the first bridge between the two countries to connect companies, universities and institutions in their work in the field of artificial intelligence and support digital solutions with contacts, resources, expertise and a network.”

Since the event “AI, Government and Society – Towards an Estonian German Partnership on AI”, there have fortunately also been numerous cooperations between Hamburg actors and Estonia. At the latest at the World Congress ITS 2021 (Intelligent Transport Systems), ARIC will present international AI projects in the smart city sector together with Estonia.

“The opening of the satellite office in Estonia was the next logical step after ARIC Hamburg signed a cooperation agreement with Enterprise Estonia in February. With our own satellite office on site in Tallinn, we have set the second pillar, so that the bridge is now complete and the cooperation will be even closer. We would like to expressly thank Estonia once again, and in particular Riina Leminsky, who has always supported us and our ideas with a great deal of energy,” says a delighted Jan Schnedler from ARIC Hamburg.